(1) Do you want to get at the Huayna Picchu mountain?  (300 Mts):

⇒ According to the Inca Trail permit, If you are interested to climb Wayna Picchu (the mountain at the back),  along your visit to Machu picchu, take into account that the regulations have changed  from August  the past year (2015) and so, all permission ought to be bouht in advance.  The Price to be paid for this trek is :  ($75 USD  approximately).

The permissions are limeted to 400 to get at the Huayna picchu mountain.

There are two shifts for entrance:

First shift:        income from 7 a.m     (200 persons)

Second shift:   income from  10 a.m  (200 persons)

Important notice:  The this year 2016 we have get 95% of spaces for to climb for the Wayna Picchu mountain for our trekkers.

All trekker must adjoin his name and passport number in the reservation request. ¡¡Good Luck!!



Huayna Picchu Trekking Tour





It is made known to the general public, referring to entering HuaynaPicchu:
Entry times are:
Group 1 G1: 07:00 - 08:00 hours.
G2 Group 2: 10:00 to 11:00 hours.
The ability to load in turn, controlled by the system is:
Group 1 G1: 200 people.
Group 2 G2: 200 people.
The sale of spaces is done by www.machupicchu.gob.pe or at the offices of the Department of Culture Cusco Desconcentrada not be sold at the gateway of S. H. Machu Picchu.
HuaynaPicchu rates are different from the entrance to S. H. Machu Picchu, which manteniene costs, not existing withdrawals for a fee or series to another.
Rates, P.A. Machu Picchu - HuaynaPicchu - Temple of the Moon, governing since January 1, 2015 are: (includes visit to Machu Picchu S. H.)
Adults: S / .152.00
Students: S / .77.00
Promocinal Adults: S / .90.00
Promotional Students: S / .45.00

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